BIO FUEL SYSTEMS is a company whose purpose is research and handling of industrial processing and technological development of products and marine plants to obtain energy resources with neutralization of CO2. Having being constituted for this purpose from 2006; with the consideration of the company’s Research an Development and in particular Mr. Bernard Stroiazzo-Mougin, an engineer in Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, being the founder and CEO of the company Bio Fuel System S.A.

Bring to the public awarenessof the lies, calumnies and defamations that Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas has published, having been a former employee of the mentioned company and carrying out the occupation as Commercial Consultant for Communication and Marketing, mainly as the Company’s Commercial Director.

Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas, being a freelance journalist failed in his duties to honour his Word and is in breach of contract due to the confidentiality agreement with the company to witch he was obligated to preserve the profesional information obtained during the years of investigation. As well as being in breach of the ethics code of conduct as a jornalist and profesional.

During his profesional relationship with the Company Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas treatened, blackmailed and extorted the Company and it’s President Mr. Bernard Stroiazzo-Mougin form whom he worked, by publising false, derogatory and malicious accusations that could affect the Company’s image worldwide causing serious and irreparable damage to the Company and its President.

Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas thus has committed offenses offenses of COERCION AND THREATS. He demande dan economic figure and a financial reward while treathening to reveal and divulge personal and profesional information. For this writing a formal lawsuit on charges of Coercion and threats aginst Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas and any other crime that may arise due to this lawsuit providing enough evidene. Currently the criminal lawsuit filed by the Company continues its process in the courts of Almeria.

Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas a freelance journalist nº. 226 (CPPA), is currently an administrator/director of a small and local digital news ( Teleprensa World S.L.). For which he uses directly to divulge such lies and damaging untruths about Bio Fuel Systems, its President and his wife, which due to this has created major concerns amongst collaborators, partners and shareholders.


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